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Check out the blog once a week beacause there will be something new!

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Watching the Ducks

In Orlando,Florda I got to watch wild ducks up close . They normally would go under people’s tables and chairs. I even fed it seeds....

Holding a bird 🦅

I learned about Falcons and got to hold one. To hold it I had to feed it. I fed it a mouse head. There were abou 3-4 Falcons. And 1...

A baby bird

This is a baby robin. It was taken to a place because it had no parents to take care of it. This bird was rescued by Uncle Nando.

Penguin Petting

At the national aviary at the penguin encounter you get to pet a real penguin. The one I got to pet was named DJ. He likes to bite on...


Penguins are flightless birds of the Southern Hemisphere. Before they could fly now they don’t. These birds are really cool so I put a...

The Bird in The Drain

At pivik school at recess there was a mother and father bird. They pretend their wings where hurt to protect their chick. Students went...

Prehistoric Penguins!

There are 18 types of penguins today but there before more 25 million years ago there were 50 types. Some prehistoric penguins were the...


Owls eat mice rats and other small animals. Owls are a bird of prey.

Humming Birds

Humming birds like flower nectar so we can make food for them! Here are the simple steps to do it. 1.get sugar and water 2. mix 3. get a...

A quick bird view

Here are some birds you may see. 1.robin 2.cardinal 3.bluejay 4.humming bird

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